Student Workshops

All of the workshops include handouts and tools for the students or parents to take home.  For more information or to book a workshop, please fill out this form.
Student Workshops

Brain-Compatible Learning (Grades 1-12)
The students will learn how to the brain works and how people learn.  The students will be provided with a variety of strategies to help them improve their learning.
1.5 hours

Study Skills (Grades 4-12) 
The students will learn how to set up a study area.  The students will learn different techniques to improve study habits.
40 minutes

Note Taking Skills (Grades 6-12) 
The students will learn how to take notes from reading a textbook or from a lecture. The students will learn how to annotate a reading passage.  The students will learn how to organize notes to improve studying.  The students will learn how to be an active listener.
40 minutes (note-taking)
40 minutes (annotating)
40 minutes (organizing notes to improve studying)
40 minutes (active listening)
2.5 hours including a Q&A

Organizational Skills (Grades 4-12) 
The students will learn how to organize notebooks, binders, and study areas. The students will also learn how to use a calendar and assignments logs.
40 minutes
1 hour including a Q&A

Time Management Skills (Grades 6-12) 
The students will learn how to schedule after school activities and time for homework without being overwhelmed.  The students will learn about a variety of apps and paper methods to help them schedule their time.  The students will also learn about how to set deadlines and space out tasks to complete long-term assignments.
40 minutes (scheduling activities)
40 minutes (scheduling long-term assignments)
1.5 hours including a Q&A

Internet Safety Grades (1-12)
The students will learn about privacy and what not to post. The students will learn about social media and how it can impact one's future.  The workshop is customized based on the student’s age.
40 minutes

Money Management (Grades 10-12)
The students will learn the basics of balancing a checkbook and setting a budget. 
40 minutes  

How to Prepare for College Applications (Grade 10-11) 
The presenter will go over the various college requirements.  The students will learn some ways to make the best use of their time on college tours.  It will help the students to start planning for the college application process.  The students will learn what positive and negative things the colleges are looking for on social media.
80 minutes

Resume Writing, Interview Skills, and Self-Presentation Online (Grades 11-12) 
The students will learn about what information should be included on a resume and what should be left off.  They will learn common interview questions, how to answer questions, and how to present oneself during the interview.  The students will learn about online profiles and what employers can see.
40 minutes (resume writing)
40 minutes (interview skills)
40 minutes (online presentation)
80 minutes (resume writing and interview skills)
2 hours including a Q&A

Common App (Grade 12) 
The students will learn about the different parts of the common app.  The student will learn about what to do and what not to do on the common app.
40 minutes

Accommodations in College (Grade 12) 
The students will learn about the accommodations that colleges provide and learn how to self-advocate to receive the accommodations.  Some of the accommodations are similar to high school while other accommodations are different.  Additionally, not all of the accommodations that were available in high school are still available in college.
40 minutes
1 hour including self-advocacy practice

Mindset (Grades K-12)
The student will learn about the growth mindset and will complete a variety of activities to take home to help them develop a growth mindset.
40 minutes
1 hour including projects

Mindfulness (Grades K-12)
 The students will learn different strategies to become more mindful and to be able to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives.
40 minutes