Administrator Workshops

Administrator Workshops

Brain-Compatible Learning - The administrators will learn how to the brain works and how people learn.  They will learn strategies to help their students improve their learning in school.  Teachers will also learn what activities and actions can hurt student's learning.

Memory - A main goal of teaching is for the students to learn the content.  Many teachers teach the material to the students.  However, they might miss the connection between, teaching, learning, and memory.  The students must remember what they are being taught to be able to remember it.  The workshop will discuss how memories are formed and strategies to help the students be able to remember the information.

Learned Helplessness - The teachers will learn about learned helplessness. They will learn how to notice some basic signs of learned helplessness starting to development and some strategies to assist students with learned helplessness.

Stress and LearningEveryone knows that stress impacts learning, but stress has positive and negative impacts on learning.  The workshop will discuss the positive and negative impacts of stress on learning and memory.  The workshop will also include strategies to decrease stress for the students and tutors.  It will also include a guided meditation and breathing exercise as a way to decrease stress.

Mindset - The teachers will learn about the Growth Mindset and the False Growth Mindset.  The administrators will learn strategies that they can use to help develop a growth mindset throughout the school.  This will include strategies to help the teachers, students, and parents.

Leadership Styles and Strategies - Coming Soon

Training for Better Development - Coming Soon

Motivational Strategies - Coming Soon

Communication Skills - Coming Soon